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Orgone Obelisk: Amethyst

Price: 4.75

Orgone Obelisk: Green Aventurine

Price: 4.75

Orgone Obelisk: Chakras

Price: 4.75

Orgone Obelisk: Rose Quartz

Price: 4.75

Chakra Wands

Price: 6.00

Tree of Life Chakra Box

Price: 14.00

Lapis Pyramid Generator

Price: 11.00

Sanskrit Chakras Box

Price: 14.00

Rose Quartz Butterfly Prayer Beads

Price: 9.00

White Sage Spray

Price: 7.00

Garnet Amethyst Prayer Beads

Price: 9.00

Clear Quartz Chakra Pendulum

Price: 4.50

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