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Product Quantity Price Amount
Model 441C Video Frame Store in Painted Aluminum Chassis 1,065.00 1,065.00
Model 620A-2VL One H and Two V-Lines, 10-turn lockable knobs 755.00 755.00
Model TD424C Video Rotator 1,600.00 1,600.00
Model DD424C Hi-Def DVI Video Rotator 1,640.00 1,640.00
Model CC424CS Hi-Def VGA Video Rotator 1,490.00 1,490.00
Model CC624CS Hi-Def VGA Video Dual Circle Overlay Generator 1,140.00 1,140.00
Model 442CS Video Subtractor in Black ABS Case 1,115.00 1,115.00
Model DD625CS DVI Hi-Def Video Marker 1,355.00 1,355.00
Model CC422CS VGA Component Hi-Def Video Scan Reverser, Aluminum chassis 1,425.00 1,425.00
Model CC442CS Hi Def Video Subtractor 1,435.00 1,435.00
Model 620A-2H One V and Two H-Lines, 10-turn knobs 725.00 725.00
Model 442C Video Subtractor in Aluminum Chassis 1,290.00 1,290.00
Model VV425CS Video Enlarger in Black ABS Case 895.00 895.00
Model 443C Video Peak Store in Painted Aluminum Chassis 1,235.00 1,235.00
Model VC619XX Two H-Lines, NTSC/PAL Input PC-Video Output 640.00 640.00
Model DD626CS Hi-Def DVI Video Reticle Overlay Generator 1,120.00 1,120.00
Model 620A-2HL One V and Two H-Lines, 10-turn lockable knobs 755.00 755.00
Model VV425C Video Enlarger in Aluminum Chassis 995.00 995.00
Model DD441CS DVI Hi-Def Video Freeze Frame 1,330.00 1,330.00
Model CC309CS Hi Def Video Micrometer/Protractor 2,560.00 2,560.00
Model 641C 875.00 875.00
Model VD425CS Video Enlarger in Black ABS Case 1,085.00 1,085.00
Model TD422C Electronic Video Scan Reverser,Aluminum chassis 1,385.00 1,385.00
Model HD422C SDI DVI Hi-Def Video Scan Reverser,Aluminum chassis 1,535.00 1,535.00
Model DD442CS Hi Def Video Subtractor 1,435.00 1,435.00
Model 619XX Two H-Lines 480.00 480.00
Model 624DS Video Concentric Circle Overlay Generator 815.00 815.00
Model 641CS 705.00 705.00
Model VV422CS Electronic Video Scan Reverser,ABS case 895.00 895.00
Model 612GS/opt-S PIP for S-Video 775.00 775.00
Model HD626CS Hi-Def HD-SDI In/DVI Out Video Reticle Overlay Generator 1,225.00 1,225.00

All prices are in US Dollars TOTAL 35,775.00

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