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c1810 D and A Lausanne

Price: 1,600.00

Elaine lewis Hand Made Tarot Cards Limited Edition

Price: 225.00

c1812 G III HALL

Price: 500.00

Royal Auction Bridge BOOKLET

Price: 15.00

The copperplate Playing Cards engraved by IMF from 1617

Price: 55.00

Nozdrin Print Joker

Price: 150.00


Price: 65.00

c1910 Goodall Playing Cards - Cambridge University

Price: 25.00

Hand Drawn 4 Diamondts

Price: 35.00

Set of three Mother of Three initialed Gaming Counters

Price: 35.00

The Forces Favourites. - Pin Up Poster Playing Cards from the 1940s

Price: 6.00

Goodall - The family and firm 1820 to 1922 by Michael H Goodall.

Price: 45.00

Map of Spain

Price: 80.00

Hand Drawn 9 Hearts

Price: 45.00

1818 Ackerman 16_v1 Transformation Playing Card - Sheets

Price: 50.00

Nozdrin Print 9h

Price: 130.00

Henry French_No18 Exportation Ace Playing Cards

Price: 3,000.00

Ancient God Playing Cards - reproductions.

Price: 25.00

family name RITCHIE.

Price: 25.00

C1791 The Royal Genealogical Pastime of the Sovereign of England

Price: 600.00

Hand Drawn 3 Hearts

Price: 35.00

A German / Austro-Hungarian counter box with Armorial gaming Counters

Price: 475.00

GOBLINS - Peter Woods' limited edition semi - transformational deck.

Price: 35.00


Price: 2.00

c1900/1910 ARTS

Price: 25.00

1870 De La Rue Bezique Playing Cards

Price: 100.00

family name NAPIER.

Price: 225.00

family name PERCEVAL.

Price: 30.00

1904 Whist BOOKLET

Price: 14.00

Elaine lewis Hand Made Tarot Cards Limited Edition

Price: 225.00

C 1890s Chinese Playing Cards / Gaming Box

Price: 195.00

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