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family name EARL OF PANMURE.

Price: 40.00

Highly Decorative Chinese Chinoiserie Box with 28 Mother of Pearl Gaming Counters

Price: 500.00

Queen Charlotte set of 3 gaming counters

Price: 2,750.00

c1790 Oblong Mother of Pearly Gaming Counter,

Price: 10.00

Set of three Mother of Three initialed Gaming Counters

Price: 35.00

family name NAPIER.

Price: 275.00

c1830 Deep Carved Fretted Amorial Mother of Pearl Gaming Counter

Price: 40.00


Price: 40.00

Fretted oblong Mother of Pearl Gaming Chip initial DG

Price: 15.00

family name RITCHIE.

Price: 30.00

De La Rue TW Playing Cards

Price: 80.00

C1880 DE La Rue Dexter

Price: 80.00

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