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c1917 Bezique

Price: 5.00

Ecarte by Cavendish BOOKLET

Price: 35.00

c1910 Poker Patience

Price: 5.00

c1913 The laws of Auction Bridge

Price: 8.00

c1891 Khanhoo

Price: 10.00

c1909 Whist

Price: 14.00

1921 Dominoes by JAR

Price: 35.00

The Pocket Laws of Whist BOOKLET

Price: 60.00

c1869 Bezique

Price: 10.00

1912 The Bath Club rules for Cooncan BOOKLET

Price: 8.00

c1870 Bezique - Published by De La Rue, written by Cavendish

Price: 12.00

Royal Auction Bridge BOOKLET

Price: 15.00

c1930 Sports Trader – Rules Level Green Bowls

Price: 5.00

c1914 The laws of Royal Auction Bridge

Price: 8.00

Third Hand at Whist BOOKLET

Price: 125.00

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