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Bust of Queen Catherine

Price: 175.00

George III silver and enamel filigree counter box with counters

Price: 650.00

Michael Richold Freemasons Tavern 'Golden' Guinea

Price: 50.00

S. Firui, bronze sixpence gaming ticket

Price: 110.00

NURNBERG 18th Century - Gaming Pice / Board Piece

Price: 150.00

Full Rose, Crowned

Price: 175.00

Royalist Counter c1662

Price: 175.00

c1710 Tall Queen Anne Silver Counter box with six silver counters

Price: 2,000.00

A German / Austro-Hungarian counter box with Armorial gaming Counters

Price: 475.00

c1716 Large silver King George 1 counter box with ten counters

Price: 3,000.00

c1818 Boxed Set of 24 [ complete ] Gilded Latten Gaming / Whist Counters by Thomason

Price: 375.00

Smith and Lockwood Club, bronze halfcrown gaming counter.

Price: 110.00

c1860 carved initialed Ivory Box with matching deep carved MOP Pieces.

Price: 2,000.00

c1800 Unnamed Gaming Counter.

Price: 40.00

J. LISTON, token,

Price: 150.00

c1716 King George 1st Silver Gaming Counter

Price: 175.00

Set of three Charles II early gaming counters.

Price: 525.00

c1708 small Silver Queen Anne counter box with four counters

Price: 750.00

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