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C1829 Amusement in the History of England E Wallis

Price: 650.00

Post 1837 - Victoria Game of British Sovereigns - Peter Parley (Samuel G. Goodrich)

Price: 400.00

C1807 Game of the Jew – By ?E Wallis and John Harris

Price: 700.00

1840 New Game of Universal History

Price: 650.00

C1852 - The Travellers of Europe; with Improvements and Additions – W Spooner

Price: 700.00

C1791 The Royal Genealogical Pastime of the Sovereign of England

Price: 600.00

C1860s - The New Royal Game of The Goose (anon)

Price: 350.00

c1840 Historical Pastime, or a New Game of the History of England - E. Wallis

Price: 750.00

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