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Emergency Horary Analysis

Price: 120.00

Half hour Electional Analysis

Price: 60.00

Astrological Checkup Mini-Natal Reading

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Horary Analysis

Price: 60.00

Compatibility Reading

Price: 69.95

One hour Electional Analysis

Price: 120.00

3 Horary Readings at discount

Price: 165.00

Electional Astrology Course Download

Price: 284.95

Career Horary/Natal Reading

Price: 79.95

Full Natal Reading

Price: 199.95

Mages Reading

Price: 69.95

Soul Mate Reading

Price: 60.00

Electional Astrology Course on CD and non-US shipping

Price: 334.95

Event Chart Reading

Price: 60.00

Astrology for Rootworkers Mini-Course on CD + non-US shipping

Price: 84.95

Electional Astrology Course on CD and US shipping

Price: 312.90

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